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Projects / Works in Progress

Fashion focused webportal: www.Runwaymagazine.ca
www.Runwaymagazine.ca (Canada) is a webportal with information about Fashion.


Fashion focused Social Networking: www.RunwayGalleryCommons.com
www.runwayGalleryCommons.com is a new and developing community site that will soon allow you to
"Share your Style"
with the World.


Fashion focused multi-media website: www.RunwayDMZ.com
www.RunwayDMZ.com is still being developed and will focus on people, places and events that promote Style, Fashion and Fashion Design.

Under Development... more to come!


World-wide Fashion Week events announcements: www.FashionWeeksAroundTheWorld.com
www.FashionWeeksAroundTheWorld.com is all about Fashion Weeks... in cities around the world.

more to come!



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